Happiness Subliminal


Happiness and joy are our innate most needs and desires. A quick look at children proves that humans are born as happy individuals but years of the world pushing us down and telling us what to do often dampens the sparkle in our eyes and makes something as fundamental as happiness seem like some distant dream.

It is up to us to release old blockages and let the joy rise again.
We are all able to heal ourselves and reawaken the joy.

The Happiness Subliminal helps you to release blockages and to shine again from the inside. It helps you to survive hard times and to see life on the positive side. Come! Rise from the positive energy inside you!


Is your joy weakened?

Many factors may have dampened your happiness. But happiness is a necessity and a significant motivator in life. It drives us and gives us strength.

With this subliminal, you have the chance to regain your lost happiness, and by unblocking your chakras, you will unleash an eternal source of happiness.

Get the joy back!

Can you imagine being full of joy again? That intense feeling that gives you so much strength?

This subliminal help you by attracting happy circumstances through a variety of suggestions and at the same time removing your emotional blockages.

Top 5 Effects

  • focus on the positive things
  • development of a positive mindset
  • forgetting the negative past
  • more joy and happiness
  • overcome old traumas

The package includes

  • Happiness Subliminal (with background music)
  • Happiness Subliminal (with rainsound as background)
  • Description of frequencies
  • E-Book



High-Quality-Subliminals by Energetic Subliminals are a state of the art self-healing and improving a program that allows you to take control of your life by rewiring your subconscious brain. Our audio tapes consist of highly researched audio programs containing affirmations (subliminal messages) and binaural beats.

These binaural beats have a kind of hypnotic effect that activates special areas in your brain. This allows your subconscious mind to take up the messages directly and begin to implement those changes.

This process of autosuggestion reprograms your subconscious allowing intensification of positive thoughts and discarding negative thoughts. Thus, a wide variety of problems can be solved. The process is fairly simple and easy, all you have to do is to agree to diligently listen to the tapes while the tapes will do their work and give you the life you want!


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