Creativity Subliminal


Children are the picture-perfect image of health and happiness. Despite not being the most skilled or accomplished of individuals, their radiance and optimism are infectious. But this isn’t so hard to fathom once one understands that children are the most creative individuals o the planet. Give them any problem, and they know how to make a solution out of it, and to do so they use their creativity, the most important of skills to get us through life.


Do you often doubt your creativity?

But the burdens of growing up and conforming to the ideals of society often suppress our creativity, to the point that we forget just how useful a superpower it can be. No one cannot be creative, they just either haven’t developed it enough or actively suppressed it.

Your creativity starts in your head!

Knowing that creativity is a superpower that exists within you and is merely waiting to be unleashed, our creativity subliminal is designed to bring out your creativity and polish it in such a way that you can conquer any problem!

Top 5 Effects

  • increasing creativity
  • release from creative blockades
  • more inspiration
  • manifestation of creativity
  • frustration relief

The package includes

  • Creativity Subliminal (with background music)
  • Creativity Subliminal (with rainsound as background)
  • Description of frequencies
  • E-Book



High-Quality-Subliminals by Energetic Subliminals are a state of the art self-healing and improving a program that allows you to take control of your life by rewiring your subconscious brain. Our audio tapes consist of highly researched audio programs containing affirmations (subliminal messages) and binaural beats.

These binaural beats have a kind of hypnotic effect that activates special areas in your brain. This allows your subconscious mind to take up the messages directly and begin to implement those changes.

This process of autosuggestion reprograms your subconscious allowing intensification of positive thoughts and discarding negative thoughts. Thus, a wide variety of problems can be solved. The process is fairly simple and easy, all you have to do is to agree to diligently listen to the tapes while the tapes will do their work and give you the life you want!


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