Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What are Subliminals?

Subliminals are audio programs that are provided with certain frequencies and suggestions.
That remain undetected by the conscious brain ad embed themselves directly into our subconscious. Thus, negative feelings, experiences, as well as harmful beliefs can easily be overcome with Subliminals. These new beliefs can help you overcome all your mental blockades and live the life you dream of. The subliminal of Energetic-Subliminals have a wide range of suggestions that directly address and resolve the blockages and problems of the respective topics.

2.) What are the frequencies?

Using the most recent of studies and data, our subliminal contain frequencies corresponding to those produced by our brain (0-40 Hz) thus produce the desired effects on the body.

3.) Why Subliminals from Energetic-Subliminals?

Our team has diligently been researching in the field of energy and auto-suggestion for several years; our breakthrough findings initially allowed us to use these subliminal for self-improvement. But seeing the need for such a product in the market and getting positive feedback from those around us has enabled us to allocate our time, passion and resources to make the best possible subliminal for the masses. Quality care and helping others are values we hold very dear to us and translate into all our products.

4.) How do I get my Subliminal?

After the successful order process, you get access to our digital products. The subliminal is available as.wav and.mp3 files. You can also download the subliminal and listen to them from your device, at your ease.

5.) How to listen to Subliminals?

We recommend headphones they best transmit the important frequencies and suggestions. Of course, sublime can also be listened to through other speakers, but it may take longer for changes to occur. There are no set rules for volume; the user may set the volume according to their preference.

6.) In what condition should I be?

We suggest that the listener is ideally calm and in a comfortable position. Try to rid yourself of your worldly worries and tensions before you begin.

7.) How long does it take for changes to become noticeable?

Results may vary based on the consistency of the listener and the time they devote to subliminal each day. For best results, we suggest listening daily for 30-60 days. Do not stop this practice once results to appear as listening consistently will strengthen these thought patterns and allow you to make life long changes.

8.) How often should I listen to Subliminals?

There is no definite answer here as it depends on the person, the number of blockages and the difficulty of their issues. We recommend at least 10 minutes a day for 30 – 60 days per subliminal. Also, you should deal with a maximum of 5 subliminal during this time. The more often you listen to a subliminal, the faster changes can be manifested and detected.

IMPORTANT: Take a short break after 30 minutes or for headaches.
Headaches are not bad, on the contrary, they are a sign that the subliminal work. However, it should not have to come to headaches!